Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LG Optimus 3D officially delayed in the UK

The UK's branch of LG has announced the Optimus 3D will be delayed at least until the end of June. Meanwhile various retailers have rescheduled their expected release dates for mid-July.

It was just yesterday we informed you about the expected release date in the UK for the Optimus 3D - 20 June. Unfortunately shortly after that, LG UK announced via its Twitter account the 3D smartphone's shipments will be delayed at least until the end of June. This means various retailers and carriers will get it as early as the beginning of July.

Meanwhile Clove UK (previously pointing at June) has changed the release date to 11 July, while Amazon's new UK date is 13 July.

C'mon, LG, bring that gadget already! By the time it is released, that Android Froyo inside will be no good anymore.

We already secured a pre-release Optimus 3D and we're hard at work on a preview. We'll keep you posted.

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