Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nokia N8 to get a camera fix in the upcoming Anna update

Nokia N8 users will finally get the camera enhancements they've been waiting quite some time for. Nokia's Damian Dinning said in a tweet that there's an N8-specific update in the works which will add couple of features to the already brilliant camera of the N8.

@nkumar_ @Harkison not quite. There wil be an N8 specific update coming which will. You need the code from Anna though.less than a minute ago via Gravity Favorite Retweet Reply

What Mr. Dinning is referring to is the implementation of continuous autofocus to the N8. This will help you change the focus in videos dynamically. Another addition to the camera app is going to be the ability to shoot 30fps HD videos as opposed to the current 25fps clips. Those two features will be included in the upcoming Symbian Anna update for the N8.

Unfortunately, no further information on an exact date for the release of Symbian Anna is known. However, it shouldn't take Nokia long to release the over-the-air update, as devices like the E6 and X7, which have Symbian Anna out of the box, are already shipping.

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