Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tag Heuer unveils LINK: Luxury, Precision and Android

Not all phones are created equal and we don't just mean hardware or software here. There are those phones that market themselves to the 'elite', usually toting a mix of expensive materials, hand built and precision manufactured parts and a four to seven figure price tag (such as these fine examples) that would make your eyes water.

Tag Heuer have already stepped into the phone market with their Meridiist line of handsets, all precision engineered and designed to reflect Tag's strong design language, but now they're bringing a new device to market, one that actually offers more than just a platinum back plate or a sapphire screen. The Tag Heuer LINK smartphone is a premium/luxury handset that right off the bat proves that you can have a luxury and everyday functionality, strangely a combination that has been sorely lacking in this market so far (excluding custom built iPhone 4's and so on).

Tag Heuer LINK phone Tag Heuer LINK phone Tag Heuer LINK phone Tag Heuer LINK phone
The Tag Heuer LINK smartphone: Avant-garde communication

The LINK still ticks the boxes for the elite purchaser with material combinations that include steel, 18k rose gold or titanium paired with rubber, alligator skin or leather trim. As the video below shows the LINK also strongly maintains its watchmaker roots as well, with the SIM, USB and memory card ports hidden behind a hinged body panel locked in place by what appears to be a crown

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