Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rumor: HTC to use NMT tech for slimmer, deathgrip-proof phones

Talk in the tech industry has it that HTC will be partnering with Chenming to use their NanoMolding Technology (NMT), which supposedly allows for thinner, cheaper phones with less interference for the antenna, or in other words - no death grip.

The NanoMolding Technology works by taking the metal chassis and depositing liquid plastic on it, so that the plastic bonds directly to the metal. In traditional designs, the metal and plastic components are attached using adhesives.

Chenming claims that this reduces thickness but also results in a stronger chassis. Also, the combination of plastic and metal will allow makers to side-step antenna interference issues that traditional metal chassis have.

Neither HTC nor Chenming have officially confirmed the partnership, but rumor has it that Chenming will begin manufacturing in July for several handset makers.

Example products using NMT

We'll keep an eye on that, especially the promise of no death grip as it has become somewhat of a sensitive topic lately with HTC.

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