Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Doctor’s Day!

In India, Doctor’s Day is celebrated on July 1 to honour the legendary physician and second chief minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy (July 1, 1882- July 1, 1962) and other medical professionals who have devoted their lives towards helping others through their profession.

In today’s day and age doctor’s play an important role in our lives – from being a confidante to our health problems, to a healer when we are down and from being a life saver during our trysts with death to being a caregiver to our loved ones.

Hence, in commemoration of this day, some of our readers, in a bid to acknowledge their doctors dedication, have shared with us how they have impacted their life.

Hazel Pinto,
I am regular with my check-ups so my doctor knows me very well and we share an excellent rapport. I won't be able to drop by her clinic this Doctor's Day but I will definitely make a phone call and wish her.

Faye Monteiro, music teacher
I have fond memories of my dentist who is a very nice lady. In fact when I was young, unlike other children, I used to look forward to visiting her. I am thinking of dropping by her clinic with flowers this Doctor's Day to wish her.

Nikita Kothari, homemaker
We ran into an emergency last year, my husband had to go in for his bypass owing to his deteriorating cardiac conditions. It was only because of a doctor that we could even lift him off a cardiac arrest at Cumballa that fatal night. Dr. Ramakank Panda is indeed a messiah for us, and after 16 hours of anxiety, my husband is back to being his gregarious self again. We were scared and apprehensive, but the post operative care by Dr. Panda and his team relived us of our tensions. This Doctor’s Day, I would like to acknowledge the impact they have made in my family’s life.

Narain Singh Rathore, retired
I come from a village where the average age is 60 because of the lack of doctors and awareness about diseases. I am 87 and though I am diabetic and have weak joints, I am living a perfectly healthy life. All this is thanks to my doctors as he has educated me about my problems, which has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle, his medication and physiotherapy exercises have solved my joint problems and a hearing aid given by hum has enhanced my hearing. However, I feel their biggest contribution is that they have brought up the average age of the country.

Shilpa Keswani, student
My orthopaedic doctor has made the maximum difference in my life by raising an alarm regarding my low calcium levels at the right time. He has not only averted the potential osteoporosis, but also helped me secure a healthy life through exercise and a proper diet.

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