Thursday, April 28, 2011

Samsung GT-i5500: Android 2.1 Based First Corby series Phone ?

In last 12 months, Android market has undergone a steep growth. However, there are very less low cost handsets featuring Android. Samsung Corby too was a huge success when it got launched and is still under a lot of demand. Corby series is known for it’s social media integration as you all know. What if, Samsung Corby gets Android?

samsung gt-i5500 corby androidThere are talks going on Samsung GT- i5500 Corby, which is going to become the first Google Android 2.1 powered Corby handset at a very affordable price of Rs. 11500 (200 Euros).

The exact specifications have not yet come out. However, FCC has approved the phone and it could be officially announced in coming weeks.

Apart from the phone being powered by Android, Samsung i5500 will have tremendous connectivity option with features like WiFi, GPS, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity. The handset will have a touch screen display and feature a camera, which probably should not be more than 3MP (According to Italian site Puntocellulare).

The photos of the stunning Corby GT-i5500 have not yet come out. However, you can have a view at FCC`s sketch of it and imagine how would it look.

For the moment, let us wait for its official announcement.

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