Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The almost forgotten Nokia X7 spotted in the wild again

The quad-speaker Nokia X7 leaked numerous times before, so today's pictures are not actually news. But what's important here is the Symbian^3 gadget is still alive and we hope Nokia goes public with it before it's too late.

First we saw the X7 in a short video, followed by some better live and official photos. The pictures today are quite blurry, but at least we know the Nokia X7 is still in the cards.

Nokia X7

We hope Nokia announces the X7 soon because otherwise its (rumored) hardware will go out of business and no marketing tricks will be enough to save the day for it.

There is one more possibility though - the X7 has indeed been killed before it was announced due to the Windows Phone 7 migration and what we're seeing here is a dead-end prototype.

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