Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nokia N8 Producers winners announced, win zero-gravity ride

December last year, Nokia started the Nokia N8 Producers contest - where up-and-coming filmmakers can take a crack at shooting a short with the N8 and win a zero-gravity trip on a specially modified plane.

Of all who submitted their videos to the Nokia N8 Produces challenge, nine won the big prize. They get to feel what it’s like to float in weightlessness and also got a lot more coverage on their short films.

Here’s one of the winning videos, which does gravity-defying tricks closer to the ground. You can check out the other eight videos here.

All these videos were shot on the Nokia N8 to showcase both the abilities of the filmmakers and Nokia’s flagship camera phone. We’ve also seen what the N8 can do in the hands of professionals - in case you missed them, check out The Commuter and the stop-motion short Dot.

Here’s a video chronicling the zero-g ride - from the ground, to weightlessness and back to solid ground shot by one of the Nokia N8 contest winners.

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